Friendly Territory Reach Clan was founded by Sgt0Pimienta On the Website known as B.Net, This Website was created by B.Net Member Unique Trooper.
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 Clan Opening

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Unique Trooper
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PostSubject: Clan Opening   Sat Sep 04, 2010 7:42 pm

This Clan respects everyones rights and personalities,So Armor/Armour, Color/Colour, Ability, Experience, Gameplay,And other Customisations free, Play your way and have fun.

This Clan is against illegal cheating, Leaking, Boosting, "Special" modding, And super competitive or aggressive behavior/behaviour, We want people too feel comfortable in our friendly group.

To join you need to: Play with us for a while, And also post on our Forums, Joining and never posting is in no way fun for other members, So don't do it.
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Clan Opening
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