Friendly Territory Reach Clan was founded by Sgt0Pimienta On the Website known as B.Net, This Website was created by B.Net Member Unique Trooper.
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 FT Reach Clan Rules

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Unique Trooper
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PostSubject: FT Reach Clan Rules   Sun Sep 05, 2010 8:17 am

Follow these Rules and you'll not get anything bad happen to you.

Here is the basic Code of Conduct for the Forum:

*No flaming.
*No spamming.
*No porn.
*Do not back talk your superiors.
*Swearing is fine, just don't use it excessively to sound like a badass.
*Use common sense when posting.
*Don't ask for Promotions, We will choose who does and who doesn't get one.

Here is the basic Code of Conduct for Xbox Live:

*Treat all members with respect
*Don't trashtalk people about the Clan, We don't want bad reputation.
*Don't spam message anyone on Xbox Live about the Clan, Or a Clan Administrator for a Promotion.

Now, here are the punishments if you fail to follow these simple rules

1st Infraction:
1 Day ban

2nd Infraction:
3 Day ban

3rd Infraction:
Demotion as well as 1 week ban

4th Infraction:
Permanently blacklisted

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FT Reach Clan Rules
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