Friendly Territory Reach Clan was founded by Sgt0Pimienta On the Website known as B.Net, This Website was created by B.Net Member Unique Trooper.
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 FT Reach Clan Ranking System IMPORTANT

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PostSubject: FT Reach Clan Ranking System IMPORTANT   Sun Sep 05, 2010 8:49 am

This is a new kind of Clan where the experience must be friendly, Our Motto is PLAY YOUR WAY, HAVE FUN, So this is the way the Clan works.

You enter this Clan and have fun, All the time, There's a little list of Ranks, Which are Recruit Level 1 To 3 and Soldier Level 1 To 3.

After those, You will get into the Designated Duties, These are made to respect your gameplay, For example, If you are good with Snipers, We will give you Sniper Designated Duty, Once they're given to you, Remember them in Battle because this is going to help us, Write them down on your Profile's Comments once you get one.

P.S: After unlocking a Group of Clan's Achievements you will get a special B.Net Title, Which also gives you special "capacities".

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FT Reach Clan Ranking System IMPORTANT
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